Xerror is an automated penetration tool , which will helps security professionals and non professionals to automate their pentesting tasks. Xerror will perform all tests and, at the end generate two reports for executives and analysts.

Xerror provides GUI easy to use menu driven options.Iinternally it supports openVas for vulnerability scanning, Metasploit for exploitation and gives GUI based options after successful exploitation e.g Meterpreter sessoins. Building in python as major.

Xerror build on python2 as a primary language and Django2 as web framework along with, websockets(django channel) on celery server and Redis srver to achieve asynchronization. On front side it supports Djanog default template enging language which is jinga2 and jquery.

Misp Dashboard

A dashboard showing live data and statistics from the ZMQ feeds of one or more MISP instances. The dashboard can be used as a real-time situational awareness tool to gather threat intelligence information. The misp-dashboard includes a gamification tool to show the contributions of each organisation and how they are ranked over time. The dashboard can be used for SOCs (Security Operation Centers), security teams or during cyber exercises to keep track of what is being processed on your various MISP instances.



Extract credentials from lsass remotely

Author : Pixis

Active Directory Windows

In corporate penetration tests, lateral movement and elevation of privilege are two fundamental concepts for advancing and gaining control of the target. There are a multitude of ways to do one or the other, but today we will present a new technique for reading the content of a lsass dump remotely, significantly reducing latency and detection during password extraction on a set of machines.


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