Lesser Known Web Attack Lab

Lesser Known Web Attack Lab is for intermediate pentester that can test and practice lesser known web attacks such as Object Injection, XSSI, PHAR Deserialization, variables variable ..etc. Write-ups are welcome. My own walk-through is here .


Just clone the git with git clone and move it to your web server and you are good to go.

  • For XSSI, challenge you need to change Allow Override None to Allow Override ALL in apache2.conf file.
  • For PHAR Deserialization, you need to change phar.readonly = On to phar.readonly = Off in php.ini setting.

Installation - Docker

Just run docker-compose up inside the Docker folder and open the browser on http://localhost:3000.

Current Vulns

  • Blind RCE
  • XSSI
  • PHAR Deserialization
  • PHP Object Injection
  • PHP Object Injection via Cookies
  • PHP Object Injection (Object Reference)
  • SSRF
  • Variables variable

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